Phyto-aromatic body treatments

Intensive Hydrating Energizing Phyto-Aromatic Body Treatment

Combined with the benefits of essential oils, this intensive treatment brings softness and wellbeing to the body. Energy is rebalanced and the body is revitalised.

Slimming and Firming Energizing Phyto-Aromatic Body Treatment

60/90 minutes

Using the advanced technology and expertise of Sisley’s slimming products, this treatment offers the perfect combination of rhythmical modelling and the effectiveness of anti-cellulite techniques to leave the body feeling smooth and toned.

1, 2, 3 Slimming Phyto-Aromatic Body Treatment

60 minutes x three days

This highly effective treatment includes three exclusive Sisley rituals, carried out over three consecutive days. Each ritual, by using Cellulinov, has been specifically designed to effectively target precise slimming concerns.


 Phyto-Aromatic Detox Ritual


Phyto-Aromatic Light Legs Ritual


Phyto-Aromatic Remodelling Ritual

Phyto-Aromatic Exfoliating Body Treatment

30 minutes

This treatment combines aromatherapy and the effectiveness of an all-over reinvigorating body scrub, for skin that is soft and smooth to the touch. It is recommended before any body treatment.

Phyto-Aromatic Zen Harmony Body Treatment

60/90 minutes

Be transported to sunny California with this aromatic massage, performed with varying intensity, techniques and scents to offer a multi-sensorial experience for the entire body. The body is left feeling completely relaxed and regenerated.

Phyto-Aromatic Back Treatment

45 minutes

Due to a specific massage focusing on the spinal area, this treatment provides true relaxation and releases tension from the body. After the treatment, the skin is left purified, soft and hydrated.