30/45/60/90/120 minutes

Relax and unwind with this gentle massage which helps to eliminate stress from your body and mind.

Sports massage

30/60/90 minutes

This de-stressing massage is ideal to soothe an aching back, neck or shoulders. The tension-releasing techniques can be concentrated on specific areas of discomfort to suit individual requirements.

Targeted Massages

30 minutes






30/60 minutes

Based on the idea that different areas of the feet correspond to specific areas of the body, reflexology helps relieve fatigue, anxiety, insomnia and generally promotes overall wellbeing.

Traditional Thai massage

60/90 minutes

Inspired by traditional techniques, this massage helps release deep tissue tension in particularly tight areas in the back and shoulders.

Deep tissue

30/60/90 minutes

This intense massage is an effective way to release tension in tight and aching muscles. It is also an ideal post-workout treatment.

Four hands

60/90 minutes

An extremely relaxing body massage performed by two therapists, using warm aromatherapy oil chosen to suit your mood.

Lymphatic drainage

60/90 minutes

This therapeutic massage is aimed at gently boosting the body’s lymphatic system and helps to visibly reduce the appearance of cellulite.